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> 27-09-2013

In September 2013, 12 pedagogical colleges throughout Ukraine will launch a media literacy course for secondary school teachers-in-training, thanks to a new media literacy curriculum developed through support from the U-Media project.

Media literacy courses teach young people how to consume media wisely, giving them the tools they need to recognize accurate, fair, and balanced media, and to reject biased, inaccurate and harmful media. The Academy of Ukrainian Press, with U-Media support, launched a pilot media literacy program in 2011 to give college and secondary teachers the skills they need to instruct their students in media literacy.

> 19-03-2013

The Institute of World Policy (IWP), a local partner of Internews in Ukraine, organized the Global Virtual Forum of Women Leaders, a series of videoconferences featuring prominent women in government, media, and international affairs.

> 30-05-2012

Ukrainian Media Project is a five-year program implemented by Internews to support and develop the Ukrainian media sector through activities that protect freedom of speech, improve the media enabling environment, create opportunities for new and innovative approaches by Ukrainian media outlets, and strengthen the capacity of media CSO leaders to effectively represent their constituencies.

> 22-05-2012

Through an open mapping system where anyone can post legitimate or illegitimate land acquisitions and construction in-progress, Deriban.net increases citizen participation in holding local government accountable.

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> 19-01-2012

USAID institutional capacity building ensures that an objective voice is heard in Ukraine’s media sector

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Ukrainian Media Project, 2011-2016

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Ukrainian Media Project is a five-year program implemented by Internews to support and develop the Ukrainian media sector through activities that protect freedom of speech, improve the media enabling environment, create opportunities for new and innovative approaches by Ukrainian media outlets, and strengthen the capacity of media CSO leaders to effectively represent their constituencies.

Key Program Objectives

U-Media program focused on four key objectives:

  • Support and Promote Freedom of Speech and Media Independence;
  • Increase Variety of News Sources and Improve News Quality;
  • Improve the Enabling Environment for Media and Freedom of Speech;
  • Improve Organizational Capacity of Ukrainian Media CSOs.


Internews is committed to the development of the skills and leadership of Ukrainian media organizations through technical grants, with Internews providing expert guidance on implementation. Internews consultants work directly with media CSOs to improve their effectiveness, reach and impact. Internews offers Ukrainian CSOs its experience from similar programming in and outside the Europe and Eurasia region, and its international network of media experts.

Internews works with Ukrainian CSOs to design a skills building component for professional and citizen journalists to participate in content production and connects regional and international new media experts with Ukrainian counterparts to develop Ukraine-specific tools to enhance media monitoring, advocacy, media literacy, legal assistance and other priorities. Internews challenges core CSOs to build in feedback mechanisms and ensure responsiveness and participation of their beneficiaries.

Strengthening media organizations– through investment in partner technical and institutional capacity – and building its leadership will allow the media to effectively address and withstand political and economic challenges that lay ahead, especially during Parliamentary Elections 2012 and Presidential Elections 2015.

U-Media grants for institutional capacity building are available to emerging and mature organizations. For UMP core partners, Internews employs an assessment-based approach to target areas for specific capacity building assistance.


  • Media monitoring
  • Monitoring of violations of free speech and repressions of journalists
  • Advocacy
  • Media Literacy Programs
  • New media development – training, consultancy, grants
    • Crowdsourcing projects
    • Hyper local sites development
    • Assistance in transition of traditional media to the new media platforms
    • Social Innovations Camps
    • Internet Security
  • Content Production
    • For all types of media platforms
    • Investigative reporting
  • Legal consultancy and legal training for journalists
  • Legal Defense for journalists and independent media owners
  • Journalist Training and Professionalism.  Internews experience and input from stakeholders
    • Contests for journalists
    • Thematic training
  • Amendment of Ukrainian media legislation to the European Standards
  • Organizational development for local partners: training, consultancy, grants, audit

Expected results

Media companies and CSOs use credible data and methodologies to effectively monitor the sector

Ukrainian media consumers and domestic and international watchdogs have reliable information pertaining to media professionalism, independence, censorship, and violations of laws

Media and CSOs successfully advocate for press freedom, professional standards, protection of journalists’ rights and respect for laws ensuring freedom of speech

Journalists, editors, media owners, etc. have access to up-to-date legal information, competent legal advice and protection

Journalists get high-quality legal defense 

Increased use of new media for obtaining local and national news and information 

Increase convergence of new and traditional media

Improved quality of journalism produced by targeted media/journalists

Increased professionalism/ethical behavior of journalists

Increased and improved investigative reporting (IR) to fulfill media watchdog role, exposing corruption and holding government accountable

Increased content sharing and improved cross-regional news coverage

Increased quantity and improved quality of election campaign coverage

Expanded Crimea residents’ access to diverse sources of professional, objective information, including substantial local content

Media and human rights organizations and associations efficiently engage with the new government and provide input on new or amended legislation pertaining to media and freedom of speech

Media and human rights organizations/associations successfully advocate for changes to draft legislation for the purpose of improving the media environment and preventing laws or policies that would curtail press and speech freedoms

Major reforms in the media sector, including legislation, transformation to PBS, are implemented in accordance with international and European standards

Major reforms on de-statization are implemented in accordance with international and particularly European standards

Major reforms in digitalization are implemented in accordance with international and particularly European standards.

Media supporting institutions efficiently function in the professional interests of independent media.

Strong linkages and networks established between Ukrainian national and regional media, CSOs and other allies to more effectively address issues of common concern, build a freer media climate, create stronger public support and pressure for reforms

All Ukrainian CSOs funded by this project demonstrate improved capability in the key institutional development areas

Internews nurture at least three media sector leaders who demonstrate a vision for organizational development, deliver high quality services, and have the internal mechanism to receive direct USAID funding.