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> 07-07-2015

Institute of Mass Information published its monitoring of journalists' right for the first half of 2015. Physical aggression against journalists in Ukraine started to decrease: for the first half of 2015 IMI experts registered 23 assaults against journalists in Ukraine, which is almost 11 times less than in the same period of 2014  (249 assaults), and by 1.5 times less than in the second half of 2014 (37 assaults).

> 02-07-2015

For you attention, the recent weekly briefer for Ukrainian media sector developments over period of June 25 - July 1, 2015. You may subscribe for weekly briefers by sending request to [email protected].

> 16-04-2015

U-Media gathered the most important news over week April 9-15, 2015 that influenced the media development and freedom of speech in Ukraine. If you want to receive the weekly updadtes regularly, please send us email to [email protected] with the request to be subscribed. 

> 05-02-2015

Internews office in Ukraine briefed the most important developments in Ukrainian media sector over last week: the Parliament rejected considering a draft law that expands authority of the National Council on TV and Radio in deprivation of licences, Firtash and Levochkin obtained a full package of stocks for leading Ukrainian TV channel Inter, pro-Russian authorities in Crimea increased pressure on journalsits and media freedoms at the peninsula. Please read more туцы in U-Media weekly briefer.

> 23-01-2015

U-Media prepared overview of recent important news related to media development in Ukraine: National Council on TV and Radio wants to receive the authority to temporarily suspend (for 3 months) the license of broadcasters whose work threatens the national security, territorial integrity and the lives and safety of citizens; Ukrainian Parliament registered draftlaw on amendments to the law on TV and Radio; IMI fixed 6 cases of physical agression against journalists; the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR) negotiated upon the journalists' work  in Donbass area that is under the DNR control. Please read more news in weekly briefer >>

> 15-01-2015

At the beginning of year 2015, the Parliament voted changes to the Law on Public Broadcasting, the monopoly digital TV signal provider Zeonbud decoded TV signal due to decision of National Council on TV and Radio, State Committee on TV and Radio publicized results of its monitoring of national and regional governement web-sites, Cabinet of Ministers decided to stop supporting Ukrainian newsroom of Euronews channel. Those and other news are described in the last weekly briefer of Ukrainian Media Project (U-Media).

> 25-12-2014

Last week (December 18-24) media sector news of Ukraine: Anti-Monopoly Committee recognized the monopoly of digital TV signal provider Zeonbud, Crimean broadcaser Chernomorskaya TRC got back its arrested equipment from Crimean governors, suspecting NTN channel due to tax evasion, expansion of Ukrainian First National TV channel to Belarus, survey of media audience about media influence on political crises in Ukraine and other news.

> 18-12-2014

Weekly overview of Ukrainian media sector news: Reporters without Borders found Ukraine as one of the most dangerous countries for journalsits, media NGOs in Ukraine and Russia urge the journalists of both countries to not burn the informational war, EU encourages the Ministry of Information to protect media freedom and produce high quality product for audience abroad. To subscribe for U-Media weekly briefers, please write us on [email protected].

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Ukrainian journalists experienced limited access to information and obstructions in 2015

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Freedom of press situation in Ukraine started to improve — data of IMI monitoring for the first half of 2015


Physical aggression against journalists in Ukraine started to decrease: for the first half of 2015 IMI experts registered 23 assaults against journalists in Ukraine, which is almost 11 times less than in the same period of 2014  (249 assaults), and by 1.5 times less than in the second half of 2014 (37 assaults).

This data is provided by the Institute of Mass Information’s monthly monitoring «Freedom of press barometer».

The worst region in Ukraine in regards to adherence to freedom of press is the occupied Crimea, where 29 violations were registered, more than in any other region of Ukraine. For comparison, on the territories of Luhanska and Donetska oblasts that are not controlled by Ukraine, there were 10 registered violations.

According to IMI data, the number of cases of obstruction to lawful professional activities of journalists in Ukraine decreased: in the first half of the year, 34 such cases were registered (in the first half of 2014 — 47 cases). We can also observe reduction in cases of censorship and denial of access to important information — 25 cases (compared to 39 in the second half of 2014); the number of threats and intimidation attempts decreased as well — 22 cases for the first half of 2015, compared to 48 for the corresponding previous period.

As IMI expert Kateryna Diachuk says, in the last half year, the greatest number of violations was registered in the category of obstruction: «Out of 34 cases, most of the times the obstructing entities were representatives of judicial branch of power (7 cases), after them, security guards in both private and public institutions (5). Sadly, "leaders" here are also deputies of city councils and employees of oblast state administration (4 and 3 cases, correspondingly). Most often, obstruction was encountered by journalists in Mykolaiv (5 cases), in Zakarpattya (4), and in Kyiv, Rivne, Odesa and Kirovohrad (3 cases each)».

Assaults against journalists were most often observed in Odeska oblast (6 cases), then we have Chernihivska oblast (3) and Cherkaska oblast, Kharkivska, Lvivska and Kyivska oblasts (2 cases in each one).

Mostly, the journalists were assaulted and beaten by unidentified men — 5 such cases in the half-year. Then, assaults were conducted by village and rayon council members (deputies) and people wearing camouflage uniforms (3 cases each), and also, heroes of the story recorded or documented, representatives of «LPR», «DPR» and activists — 2 cases each.

«Regardless of statistical data that indicates certain improvement of the situation with the freedom of press in Ukraine, the status quo still remains alarming. Most likely, the observed reduction in physical aggression and pressure against journalists is related to absence in this period of any prominent political events, elections, and a comparatively stable situation in the East of Ukraine. Unfortunately, there are no any external factors that would indicate systemic stabilization of the situation — meaning systematic punishment of those who assault journalists, investigation of such crimes. This probably means that improvement in the freedom of press is most likely only situational», — says IMI executive director Oksana Romaniuk.

Please find full description of cases included into Freedom of Press Barometer at the link.

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