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> 04-12-2015

Internews` Ukraine Media Project (U-Media) supported by USAID invites media organizations to submit grant proposals to a small grants competition. Within the small grants competition Internews will consider project proposals with the maximum budgets of $10,000 for up to 6-month projects focusing on U-Media`s priority types of activities. Deadline for submission of proposals23:59 Kyiv time on 30 December, 2015.

> 03-11-2015

Internews is seeking candidates for a position of an Assistant Grants Manager

GENERAL FUNCTION: Provides administrative support to Internews grants management, mainly financial and contractual procedures

> 21-07-2015

 «Інтерньюз» повідомляє про вакансію місцевого медіа-консультанта (Local Media Liaison) для роботи в новому 2-річному проекті з задоволення інформаційних потреб внутрішньо переміщених осіб (ВПО) зі сходу країни. Інтеньюз шукає досвідченого медіа-фахівця з глибоким знанням роботи ЗМІ національного та регіонального рівня та широким колом медіа-контактів. Медіа консультант надаватиме фахову технічну допомогу гуманітарним організаціям, місцевим урядам та громадам у подоланні гуманітарної катастрофи.

Надсилайте резюме та мотиваційний лист англійською мовою до 5 серпня 2015 року на адресу: umedia@internews.org та umedia.internews@gmail.com.

Повне оголошення англійською мовою з описом вимог до кандидатів >>>

> 13-10-2014

The Academy of Ukrainian Press invites journalists and representatives of international organizations to attend presentation "TV news monitoring survey for September 2014" to be held on October 16, 2014, at 10:30 in “Creative Space 12”, 2nd floor, 10\2 , Mykhailivskyi line

> 02-10-2014

October 2, 1 p.m., Ukrinform Informational Agency (8/16 Khmelnitskogo str., Kyiv) – Hromadske.TV, Internews, and the Embassy of Canada held a joint press conference to officially launch the Slidstvo.info investigative reporting television program, the main activity of the Strengthening Investigative Reporting in Ukraine (SIRU) project.

> 02-10-2014

Three U-Media partners deliver journalist training on covering elections at Early Parliament Elections 2014: Internews-Ukraine (IUA), Regional Press Development Institute (RPDI) and the Independent Media Trade Union (IMTUU). Please see the schedule:

> 03-12-2013

Internews condemns the attacks directed at journalists attempting to report on the Euromaidan protests in Kyiv, Ukraine. According to local media organizations, 50 journalists and media workers have been injured since the protests began in response to the Ukrainian government’s decision not to sign Ukraine’s association agreement with the European Union in Vilnius, Lithuania on November 29.

> 08-02-2013

At the 2013 World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Jeanne Bourgault, President and CEO of Internews, spoke with Executive Editor of Hub Culture, Edie Lush at the Hub Culture Davos Pavilion.


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Launch of the Internet project ELECTUA.ORG to monitor elections

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September 19, 2012, Kyiv - "Internews-Ukraine" International Public Organization presented new online resource www.electua.org to monitor elections. Now the Ukrainian Internet keeps an eye on fair elections, and each citizen can get involved in control and monitoring of Parliamentary Elections 2012.
"New resource will allow journalists, public figures and all citizens to participate in elections monitoring. We want to draw attention to the importance of transparent, open and fair will declaration process. It is no use shuffling off the responsibility for the electoral process on someone ─ every citizen of Ukraine should get involved!"- Konstantyn Kvurt, Chairman of "Internews Ukraine" IPO, pointed out.

“Free and fair elections are the cornerstone of a democracy. The ELECTUA.ORG crowdsourcing portal will collect and verify violations during the electoral process. What makes this project unique is that it will rely on Ukrainian citizens, public activists and journalists to feed their eyewitness information into the website,”  said Wayne Sharpe, Director of the Ukraine Media Project (U-Media) of Internews Network. “ Moderators will verify the reports, to provide an accurate and up-to-date picture of the 2012 Parliamentary elections,” Sharpe added.
The new initiative of "Internews Ukraine" is apolitical and designed to assert the interests of all voters. The ELECTUA.ORG web-page rapidly visualizes violations of election legislation during the election campaign and on the day of elections. The  Internet resource, developed with the support of  U.S. and Mexico international experts, is open to anyone, who has an opportunity and is eager to report violations. The zest of the platform is an interactive map that displays two layers of reports: 1-received and under moderation; 2-checked and verified.
At any time citizens, media representatives and community activists can report violations of election legislation at www.electua.org, also via Facebook social network http://www.facebook.com/ElectUA and SMS. In the project framework there is an info line where you can get advice regarding the web page and report violation.
The advantage of the ELECTUA.ORG platform is "smart" crowdsoursing, accurate and transparent verification system of received information. Web-site users can send messages about violations, at the same time there is an opportunity to monitor the electoral process taking into account violations that occur. A team of moderators will be working on reports verification. Users can also browse pages with generalized statistics on violations quantity and their types. All recorded data on violations can be used by international experts, other human rights protectors and legal organizations as the basis for 2012 elections monitoring and analysis.
Watch elections at: www.electua.org
FB page: www.facebook.com/ELECTUA
Info line: 050 434 34 35/067 44 444 93
Additional information:
International Public Organization "Internews-Ukraine" is the largest NGO in Ukrainian media field. The mission of organization is establishment of European values through development of successful media. “Internews-Ukraine” aims at development of independent and pluralistic media in Ukraine, rising of journalism standards, improvement of legal framework that governs relations in the field of media, support of democracy growth and foundations of civil society. Established in Ukraine since 1996. Website: www.internews.ua.